Silverfield Villa

  • Living Space

    Living Space

    open and luxurious...

  • Master Suite

    Master Suite

    huge floor space with office...

  • Kitchen


    modern and fully equipped...

  • Private Bar

    Private Bar

    5th floor with spectacular views...

  • Sitting Area

    Sitting Area

    with views to Granada...

  • Sitting Area

    Sitting Area

    with views to pool...

  • Sitting Area

    Sitting Area

    room for everyone...

  • Glass elevator

    Glass elevator

    to access all 6 floors...

  • Dining Area

    Dining Area

    from balcony...

  • Dining Area

    Dining Area

    for large groups...

  • Gym


    with professional equipment...

  • Internet Room

    Internet Room

    with massive 60" monitors...

  • Living Space

    Living Space

    vast open plan areas...

Inside Silverfield Villa

Something for Everyone

With over six floors of never ending entertainment, fitness facilities, luxury suites and gadgets round every corner; we have something for everyone at Silverfield Villa!

The interior space of Silverfield Villa has been designed to give an impression of cavernous size. Large floor areas are combined with double and triple height ceilings along with a spectacular open staircase to provide a living area with a truly unique feel. The architect who designed the villa has many years of experience designing contemporary office spaces and we wanted to bring that feeling to Silverfield Villa. The villa has been referred to as a cruise ship, the ‘Stark House’ and even nicknamed the ‘James Bond’ villa!

Due to the superb weather in the Granada area, the Spanish villa has also been designed to combine indoor and outdoor living in a seamless way. Advanced glass technology allows the villa to remain at a comfortable temperature all year round without too much reliance on the computer controlled heating and cooling systems.

Our Spanish villa is fitted with the latest technology in every area. Distributed AV, high bandwidth computer network, indoor/outdoor WIFI, LED lighting and automated home control with touch panel interfaces all combine to provide a ‘space age’ feel to the entire project.

Silverfield Villa Video

​By viral videographer Ryan Doyle of Video Vision 360

You may have seen several of our viral videos across social media including Insider, Lad Bible and Unilad! All these efforts originated from this villa video being created by Ryan Doyle of Video Vision 360 during his stay with us in 2018!

Ryan Doyle is renowned for his unique travel videos going viral and at present is known to have over half a billion known views on his videos, with the villa video he made us hitting 5 million hits in March 2019! You can see more of Ryan's videos at:​
1 Master Suite with Bath & Private Terrace 3 Double / Twin Suites 1 Quad bedroom (sleeping 4) 2 Bunk rooms (sleeping 6 per room) Seasonal Outdoor infinity pool Indoor heated pool with jets Swim Resistance Machine Top of the range security system CCTV 12 Bathrooms Secure garage for 2 cars Outside Parking Use of 8 mountain bikes Use of 7 seater BMW 2 Travel Cots Highchair Private Cinema Games Area Sauna Indoor Jacuzzi Indoor Gym Outdoor Crossfit Rig Modern Kitchen Living Area