Silverfield Villa

  • Sitting Space

    Sitting Space

    panoramic windows and decking...

  • Spectacular Staircase

    Spectacular Staircase

    to the bedroom level...

  • Internet Room

    Internet Room

    overlooked from main level...

  • Dining Space

    Dining Space

    on open plan...

  • Triple Height Ceiling

    Triple Height Ceiling

    over 10m top to bottom...

  • Modern Kitchen

    Modern Kitchen

    fully equipped...

  • Glass Elevator

    Glass Elevator

    to access all 6 levels...

  • Private Bar

    Private Bar

    elevated level with amazing views...

Living Spaces

luxury open plan...

The huge living and dining area is surrounded by glass on all sides, which creates an additional sense of space. This effect is amplified by the use of high ceilings and a minimal furniture scheme.

Sitting close to the windows gives the guest a feeling that they are floating; surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery Spain has to offer.

The open internal staircase bisects the main living space and sits next to the glass elevator, which can carry guests to any level of the villa.

The kitchen facility is open plan with the living/dining area and is of superb quality. Guests can prepare their own meals or the facility can be used by an external chef or outside catering contractor.

The main living space is equally suited to holiday or professional use with high speed CAT 6 cabled internet coupled to the house network and a highly advanced indoor/outdoor Wi-Fi system which provides drop out free internet. The house network is directly connected to a fibre backbone which can easily handle high bandwidth activities such as corporate uploads, video conferencing and AV streaming.